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Our Clients

Fighting the Good Fight! Winning Cases with Respect!

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Leslie T. 

My first attorney broke my bank. I understand that legal representation is expensive, but it should not cause one to have to file for bankruptcy. I had to find another attorney because I could not afford the first one's fees. At AE, I got amazing legal representation at a price I could afford. Thank you AE for working with my budget!

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Izzy I.

It is terrible to experience sexual harassment and retaliation, especially if it involves, sexual assault and especially if you lose your job just because you got assaulted.

I was completely demoralized after that happened to me. But thanks to Amber and her awesome legal representation I was able to receive some kind of restorative justice. I also regained some of my self-respect, and was able to move on and put that horrible experience behind me. 

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Riese B.

My case was a particularly complex one, involving many intersecting laws, besides the EEO ones, at a very sophisticated and complex  and political federal agency. When Amber first agreed to represent me, she believed that she was signing on for the typical EEO case. When she found  out that mine was atypical (to say the least) she persisted in her representation of me, despite the fact that, it involved several hours of work beyond  what she had initially anticipated. We ended up submitting an extraordinary 600 page brief in support of my position. It was quite a piece of work.

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Kelly G.

I stood up for what was right. When my

employer began instituting a Reduction

in Force  (RIF)that only targeted minority

employees, I knew that was wrong. I decided to do what was right, and speak up about it.


I didn't know the law, in fact, I didn't

even know that I had any rights at all, I

just knew what was right; and I knew

what my employer was doing wasn't right.

Amber informed me that I actually had

some rights, and showed me the way to

use them, and protect myself.

Going up against a Goliath is never easy,

but sometimes you just have to do what

is right.

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Donald H.

I was also impacted by the Reduction-in-Force. (same Employer as Kelly G.)

When this employer began to aggressively retaliate against those of us who stood up for what was right, instead of taking it I simply quit. Well, that really sucked. Suddenly I was missing income, and had to think of something quick, I drove for Uber.

Because I didn't have any income, Amber agreed to represent me probono, which meant I didn't have to pay any fees, unless she could collect them from the employer.

People who are being treated poorly at work, having their income threatened or revoked for discriminatory reasons, definitely need legal representation, the problem is, without income, it is difficult to afford it.

The cool thing about Amber, is she is so passionate about her work, she will work with your budget, even if it is zero.

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Shara D.

Having your employment terminated for something that is not your fault (sexual harassment) can really damage your self-esteem. Even if you do everything exactly as your are supposed to, (answer all questions honestly, cooperate in an investigation) you can be targeted and fired, just because this horrible thing happened to you that makes you uncomfortable.

After that happened to me, Amber offered me coaching services so that I could re-enter the workforce with confidence.

Going back to work after that one bad work experience was awful, but Amber's coaching helped me to get back on that horse, and re-enter the workforce with a more positive perspective.


Soon, I had forgotten that bad work experience entirely, as I became excited about my new career, that was more fulfilling than the one I lost.


It's a truism of life, bad thing happens to good people. But when life hands you lemons, you must make lemonade. That is what me and Amber did with our career coaching. We figured out how to turn my losses into wins! 


Nicole K.

I just wanted a reasonable

accommodation for my disability. Let

me stress the word "reasonable."

I simply wanted to continue doing what

my employer had allowed me to do for

years, without issue, and yet, the minute

I got a new supervisor, everything changed.

I do not know why this particular supervisor decided that I could no longer be accommodated. Her actions seemed incredibly arbitrary and capricious.

I had no idea what to do, but I knew that Amber was an attorney. Once I conveyed my concerns to her, she assured me that getting a reasonable accommodation would be an easy fix, once we got in contact with the correct individuals within the agency.

Long story short, ultimately I did receive my accommodation; but it wasn't without a fight.

At the end of the day, all I have to say is that Amber sure knows her stuff, and if she had to fight really hard for you, she will. In the end you will be victorious, and in the end that is  all that matters.

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Tracey J.

It is not okay to harass employees just

because you can, just because you have

the power. Employees are people too

and they should not be subjected to the

whims of a tyrannical supervisor.


I had a supervisor who harassed me and denied me my reasonable accommodation (to

which I was entitled under the law) just

because she could. 

There are bosses in the workplace, if  you're lucky you've never had one, but more likely than not you have, who get  off on power trips whereby they

diminish, demean and just generally harass their subordinate employees,  because they can. There is absolutely no

reason for them to do this. Simply put,

it's an abuse of power and authority and

when you work for a federal agency it is

also an abuse of public trust.

AE made it clear to my agency that this kind of behavior from federal supervisors is unacceptable. Federal

workers deserve 

better, as does the tax

paying public.

Amber fights hard and passionately, and she says she does this because she is fighting for what she thinks is right.

Amber fights for everyday people, and she says she does this because she is everyday people.

For once, it is great to have a fighter on our side.

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