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About Us

Here at Alchemy Enterprises, (AE for short) we are a different sort of law firm. We do what we do because we are passionate about what we do: we stand up for people's rights and we deliver justice.


This is often a David and Goliath sort of endeavor. We are that little guy going up against a giant; we have are our wits and very clever usage of unusual weapons, but it's not a fair fight, and we have to commit to the long haul; as do our clients. This can be frustrating and exhausting. But what are you going to do? Let people stomp all over you? No! At a certain point you have to take a stand, and stand up and fight!


At AE our most typical client is the underdog. We protect and defend people who are being "wronged by the system." We usually work in employment, but we do delve into other arenas when it is appropriate. We also have institutional clients (real talk: simply because they pay better). We teach our institutional clients how to improve their systems, so that they do not function in such unfair ways.


But, this right here isn't about them, It's about YOU. With regard to our individual clients, what we want is justice for YOU. How exactly do we make this happen?

Well, it starts with time. In order to effectively defend anyone, a good lawyer has to put in a tremendous amount of time gaining a thorough understanding regarding all of the various facts (and facets, the institutional culture, the various players and components) of your case.

But time is money. When a lawyer spends 10, 20, even 30 or so hours on you case, the clock is ticking at no less than $300 an hour (for most employment cases). The hours add up. 10 hours cost around $3000; and most people can't afford that. So at AE we developed a work around: legal fees the AE way.


We understand that hiring an attorney is a very expensive and stressful endeavor, that is why we work hard to make the process as inexpensive and as stress free as we possibly can, because we want you to feel good about your experience as a client with AE. Get in touch with us today!

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