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About Amber L. Maiden, Esq.

Amber L. Maiden is an experienced and aggressive employment litigation attorney. She largely represents employees in the federal employment sector, who have experienced employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion,  gender (including sexual harassment, pregnancy, unequal pay, sexual orientation,  and/or marital status). Additionally, she represented individuals on the basis of disability and age.Ms. Maiden has also represented clients pursuing “whistleblower” claims for  retaliation against for objecting to unlawful conduct in the workplace, refusing to do something illegal, or assisting others who have complained about unlawful conduct. She also represents employees who have been denied their federal security clearance, and are seeking reinstatement of their clearance so that they may continue in their employment. Ms. Maiden obtained her Juris Doctorate from George Mason University School of Law, and also holds a Masters in English from the same University. She has been admitted to practice law in all the state courts in Maryland, and  within the federal EEO Administrative sector. She is a member of the State Bar of Maryland. ​Ms. Maiden has advised and represented clients in all aspects and stages of administrative EEO disputes, including pre-complaint, informal negotiations, alternative dispute resolution and federal EEOC administrative hearings. On the employee side, she has seen great success bringing claims for sexual harassment, hostile work environment, disability discrimination (reasonable accommodation, failure to accommodate). She is also available to analyze your employment contract or severance package. Her former clients will gladly speak to you about how they felt being represented by a caring, yet aggressive, attorney.Employment law is complex and requires an attorney who understands that law and who will aggressively pursue your rights while providing you with individualized service and compassion. Ms. Maiden has dedicated her career to practicing equal employment opportunity law, and is very passionate about the kinds of cases she pursues and the client’s she accepts. If you need a compassionate lawyer who will fight for your rights and who has the experience required to handle your employment law needs.

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