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 Our Values & Services: 

Fairness, Integrity and Value for Services and Products received - Here at Alchemy Enterprises Legal Consulting, these are the principals and the values we standby. AE is here for justice and social equity in a number of areas, whether it be through the correction of employment discrimination (rampant in federal, state or local government systems ) or the return or collection of government benefits, to which one is entitled via Social Security or the Veteran Affairs. Because AE has a deep commitment to Social Justice and Equity Programming, AE also provides consulting in the burgeoning cannabis industry; allowing curious individuals to dip their toes in this industry safely and effectively with the correct legal, business and marketing information.

Executive and Career Coaching

Amber Maiden, Esq. has over 30 years experience in navigating the workplace and all the conflicts that arise within it. Bully bosses? We know the type. They are everywhere. Unfortunately, this is just a reality of what most employees encounter in the workplace. The people who usually rise are vapid and power hungry individuals who will do whatever it takes to rise in power in the workplace and maintain that position of power, viciously, cruelly, manipulatively and by making the life of their subordinates a living hell.

All is not lost. Wherever you are in you in the employment hierarchy, it is possible to work with integrity and dignity and rise and thrive the right away! Our course Professionalism 101 provides the basics in terms of establishing a baseline professional persona. And Surviving Toxic Workplaces explains what needs to be done to survive and escape seriously toxic work environments, which unfortunately are everywhere.

The entrepreneur check-in is a consultation around systems, that every entrepreneur needs to thrive as the grow their business. A CEO of their business is a type of executive, who needs a particular type of coaching to get to the next level. Here at AE we specialize in all things work related, and you could be a fortune 500 corporate ladder climber, or a growing small business owner. Here at AE, we've seen it all! And we know workplace dynamics! When you are getting coached at AE, please understand: WE GOT YOU!  

Career Training Certifications

Please go to the Programs tab to see available courses and Certifications.

Cannabis Consulting Services

2021 marked the beginning of the legal adult recreational use of Cannabis all throughout the DC, Maryland and Virginia area.

If you have an interest in learning how to safely purchase, consume, grow or sell Cannabis or CBD products in the burgeoning industry, we have guidance available for you in all of the above areas.


If you are interested in dipping your toe into these new and exciting endeavors, rest assured that we will provide all the resources and guidance you need to succeed.

EEO and Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging Consulting

Amber Maiden, Esq. has over 30 years experience in Equal Employment Opportunity Law, with special expertise in the federal employment sector. If you are a federal employee, experiencing discrimination in the workplace; you definitely want to check out one or more of AE's guidances on how to handle your EEO complaint in the federal workplace.


Begin with an easy course on EEO Basics. This class (available on our Program List page, tells you everything you ever wanted to know about filing an EEO complaint. 


The federal EEO process is a long and involved  legal/administrative process, which no federal employee should attempt to pursue without, at a minimum, a legal consultation with a knowledgeable EEO federal sector EEO litigator.  Here at AE, we know that process quite well, and we can let you know, exactly what you are in for, once you fall down that particular rabbit hole. Legal matters can be intimidating and complicated; and this is especially true regarding employment in the federal sector. 


But, besides the EEO process, we can help you navigate the sticky issues of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. which are difficult issues to navigate in todays polarized environment. We are here to help!


You can take  one of our online classes to get  up to speed on the issues or sign up for coaching that will help you better navigate these issues. Here at AE our consulting staff has been specifically trained on these matters. You can count on us to guide you in every step of the process .

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